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Discussion in 'Site Support & News' started by Art Andrews, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. terminal fettler

    terminal fettler Active Member

    Maybe I'm being a little harsh on myself, pics look good on Simon's page.
    Back on track: great new functions Art!
  2. Mike M.

    Mike M. Community Staff

    at least it's staying on topic for the forums.
  3. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Founder

    This issue should now be resolved.
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  4. Ambu Fett

    Ambu Fett Member

    Looks horrible on my phone and I love the adds!
  5. Grimstuff

    Grimstuff Member

    Thanks for fixing the images.

    New problem I've just noticed is that pre-migration forum thread links are 404'ing, not sure if you're aware of it or currently tinkering with it, I saw links mentioned on page 3..

    But yeah, all the threads listed here for example, are failing to parse to the new URL format and thread ID's, ie:

    An original linked URL from that thread:

    What it parses as when clicked (404):

    What the actual reachable URL is:

    It seems currently every inter-forum hyperlink formatted that way, and the entirety of Google's crawled records, are all 404'ing.
  6. WhyItMatterz

    WhyItMatterz Member

    Were you able to login yet?
  7. Rich D

    Rich D Active Member

    Art, it looks like the oldest link format (like this) is working with the new software:
    But the newer vB (maybe vBSEO?) 'friendly URL' format still seems to be broken:
    Both should be resolving to the xenforo URL:
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  8. intwenothor

    intwenothor Active Member

    Art Andrews has there been a reduction in the overall members? Also, has my friends list gone or is it somewhere I'm not seeing?
  9. RichardJones

    RichardJones Member

    I have a few questions. I've messed around on the mobile site For android and i just can't figure out a few things....
    1. How do I view member's latest threads? Is there an option to view these one my profile page, like before? Is this now part of the alert feature?
    2. Have the the people I followed reset? The option to 'see people I follow' from a drop down menu brings me to a search bar. I followed a lot of good threads/ members but unfortunately I can no longer remember them all :eek:
    3. How do I view my own threads and latest posts? I see Rafalfett's response from earlier, but I cannot replicate this on my android.

    Thanks for any help, I love this forum and I'm ready to change, but i guess I'm just used to 5+years of the old way. :)
  10. Tfett40

    Tfett40 Member

    Art can you please verify the proper app to download on apple is the "Forum Runner-vBulletin" that TDH is now accessible from. I just wanted to verify, it is the correct one before I spend $1.99 for the mobile app.
  11. Wellroundedbill

    Wellroundedbill New Member

    I'm In the same boat. I'm willing to use another app, as long as it aggregates the forums I follow into a nice feed. Its not really about having an awesome Mobile site, but more about something compatible with a forum aggregator app. The DH just excluded itself from my main feed and now I have to come here separately. The new site looks clean though.
  12. theisaac

    theisaac New Member

    Hey everyone. I'm trying to figure out how to open the links from this thread: Boba Fett Helmet Consolidated Paint Up Threads

    I saw Grimstuffs post above, but I don't understand how to figure out the right threads numbers to add at the end of the URL to make those threads work.

    Any suggestions?

  13. Viper

    Viper Member

    Feedback option is gone I take it? Can't find anything that will let me leave positive feedback for a member
  14. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Founder

    At the moment, yes.
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  15. Viper

    Viper Member

    I liked that feature a lot, if it's in the cards to bring it back, you'd have my vote.
  16. Grimstuff

    Grimstuff Member

    This is the easiest way to format em for now:

    Take ex. broken url:
    and copy it's number ID to the t= part of this format:
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  17. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Founder

    I haven't forgotten about this issue. Still trying to resolve it.
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  18. hamsandwich72

    hamsandwich72 Jr Member

    I can see how many trophy points I have, but not how I earned them or how to earn more. Is that shown somewhere?
  19. hamsandwich72

    hamsandwich72 Jr Member

    Of course after searching for half an hour I find it the moment after I post the question.

    If anyone is interested, in your profile where it says your number of trophy points, the number there is a link to a window with your points broken down by trophy and an option to view all available trophies.
  20. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Founder

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