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General gablesz WIP

Discussion in 'Boba Fett Costume' started by gablesz, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. gablesz

    gablesz Jr Member

    Gauntlets base paint down and getting the rocket attached. Figuring out a clasp method but decided to go velcro.


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  2. gablesz

    gablesz Jr Member

    RKDs flamethrower is awesome!


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  3. gablesz

    gablesz Jr Member

    More gauntlet progress


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  4. gablesz

    gablesz Jr Member

    Some sharp work done by Raizo here on the knee darts.


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  5. gablesz

    gablesz Jr Member

    Flamethrower and rocket secure and green down.

    5ef05b3a74f58e8717884cca1af83482.jpg 9de93b72cababb74b1bd04b1e62f6c95.jpg

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  6. gablesz

    gablesz Jr Member

    So I'm waiting till I get my armor attached to my flight suit and get the cod and kidney on before purchasing my belts.

    I still need boots and toe spikes though. From MOW Instagram account it sounds like "this fall" he might have some 9.5s in.

    I lost my pulce due to bad shipping so I still need a pulce and a holster.

    I need shin tools

    And Im a bit concerned about my jetpack harness. I'm not sure it's gonna do the job of carrying the weight. I might need to upgrade that.
  7. gablesz

    gablesz Jr Member

    The finished armor kit from RKD and Raizo. Amazing job from RKD on the size. This is his v3 set and it's definitely built for average/smaller people. It fits me great.

    Raizo has done some beautiful work on the paint up and some of the construction here.









  8. gablesz

    gablesz Jr Member

    Got the gauntlets wearable! Just need the electric wiring on the flamethrower.



  9. gablesz

    gablesz Jr Member

    Got the armor on the vest. Still need to do some adjustments on it this is the first ever test. I used the jewelry pin method with chest lights from hotpockets.

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  10. gablesz

    gablesz Jr Member

    Original post updated: Girth belt and Ammo belt from woodman ordered.
  11. Fettastic

    Fettastic Member

    Just noticed on your Jetpack...the round thruster greeblie needs to be painted red in the inner circle and the beacon should be all silver with a gold or brass top.

    Attached Files:

  12. gablesz

    gablesz Jr Member

    Hey man yeah that's one thing I've been wanting to replace because mine doesn't light up anyway. Do you have recommendations to who sells those?
  13. Fettastic

    Fettastic Member

    Hit up MachineCraft in the cargo hold.
  14. gablesz

    gablesz Jr Member

    Pretty gross pic in bad light but it was about 12am haha. Finally got some of it on. I was testing gauntlet fit with the chest and shoulders (raised those up and attached wookie braids since the photo)

    Still need my mid section belts from woodman, shin tools, boots and my helmet.

  15. gablesz

    gablesz Jr Member

    Weathering being worked on as well as hotpockets light installed. Shoulder armor raised and collar armor raised. Wookie braids attached. Legs tightened up and more fitting. About half of the stuffing out of the thigh bags from the first try on.

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  16. gablesz

    gablesz Jr Member

    Just got me a new jetpack beacon from machine craft.
  17. gablesz

    gablesz Jr Member

    I think today after work I'm going to work on painting the red and black on my collar studs and and filling in the red that's missing on the jetpack thruster.

    If anyone has any leads on ESB shoes I would love it right now. It's honestly the ONLY part that seams unattainable. I need a 9.5 but I could probably stuff incerts in a 10. At this rate I'm gonna start trooping in converse.
  18. hvacdon

    hvacdon Jr Member

    Looking good.....
  19. gablesz

    gablesz Jr Member

    Thanks man I appreciate the support!
  20. ShortFuse

    ShortFuse Jr Member

    Good luck. They seem to be hard to come by. For now your best bet is to keep an eye out in the cargo hold for someone selling some. MOW only has 12 and 12.5 available and those are the pre pros that have to be dyed.

    You could always scratch build some in the meantime. I did some. It would be better than Converse. You wouldn't want to distract from the rest of your costume. It looks excellent.
  21. WhiteShadow

    WhiteShadow Jr Member

  22. NikTrooper

    NikTrooper New Member

    Looks great, great job on it.
  23. gablesz

    gablesz Jr Member

    For sure man I have a few more parts to wait on so I'm hoping man of war will eventually come out with boots. And thanks!!

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