Pistols Westar-34 MR quality full metal repoductions.

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    Currently I am working on a price quote from Dark Energy Creations aka. dmachinist on the RPF to make a run of high quality full metal Westar-34's using WOF blueprints and the detailed pictures that are on RebelScum.com. But I need to get enough people on board before I can make this happen. Right now I'm Just gauging interest to see if it's doable. In order to make the price reasonable (below $650 per set) I need to get at least 25 sets made. The more that I have made the cheaper the price per set will be. So please just post a reply if your interested. They are currently finishing up a run of DL-44's so it will probably be another week or two before I get the final price quotes. I will keep updating this post as I get more information and price quotes.
    In an attempt to keep the price down they will come in a kit form they will be very well machined aluminum, however to get that chrome look that the MR's have they will require some fine sanding and polishing. Which I can do for you if so desired but it will cost a little bit more. I'll have to see how much work it will be to finish them before I can quote my price for the finishing work.
    I just received the price quote $600 for a pair $350 if you just want one. but for this price I / we will need to get 50 pairs manufactured.
    All parts would be individually machined, parts will be made from top quality solid billet aluminum, with a raw machined finish, fitting/finishing/assembly required.
    The down side is that he can't do them until he upgrades some of his machinery (mostly just for doing the handle and counterbalance). which means production wouldn't start till Fall.
    The other possible killer would be licensing issues which he is checking on to see if there is a way around them. (he has to protect his business).
    Well it looks like this is progressing forwards. He is going to make a sample set of parts some time within the next couple of months so that he / we have pictures to post that will show the kit and hopefully how it will all fit together. I will post pics as soon as he sends them to me. Thanks for everybody's interest so far.
    Update: The parts making process has started it should be another month or two before they are done he is going to send me pics as he completes the parts.
    Update: the production has started here is a pic of some of the unfinished parts they still need to cut the grooves in the power knob and power regulator.
    View attachment 64058
    Update: I am expecting more pics in January, and expecting kits to be ready some time in February.
    Update: His new CNC machine is now in place and up and running. He is doing a run of DL44 kits (proven money maker for him, has to pay for the machine) and then starting up on the Westar-34's I'll post pics as I get them. But this is his new machine.
    power knob.jpg

    Update: 7/17/2017 Production is underway again the first power knob has been completed. He is working on making the power knob functional, The brass button that will go in the middle hole will function as a release that will allow the knob to turn until released.

    power knob.jpg

    Update: 7/20/2017 More progress this is the power knob with the brass release button allowing it to rotate.

    Update: 8/4/2017 More progress Just finished the Plasma Chamber the attached video shows him using the CNC machine to cut the angles plus the fixture he made to hold this piece. The first attempt at cutting these angles failed which is why the holding attachment needed to be made.

    Plasma Chamber.jpg Plasma Chamber 1.jpg

    Update: 9/12/2017 More progress to report. Still working on the handle dimensions, but this is what he has so far. He is working the dimensions on a 3D printer before attempting on the CNC machine. They still need a couple of minor tweaks.
    2nd revision handle 1.jpg 2nd revision handle.jpg

    Update: 9/16/2017 More progress to report. Still have to make the adjustments to the handle and drill the holes in the flash suppressor. Thanks to DarthBrooks I have a set of MR's on the way so I will be able to take more exact measurements for the handle and the flash suppressor holes. The following pics show where we / Dark Energy Creations sit on this project.

    IMG_1663[2].jpg IMG_1662[2].jpg

    Update: 10/29/2017 Holes for flash suppressor have been drilled and look spot on. The handles are being redone since the first one didn't even come close to the MR's and looked to big. The flash suppressor is being tested to receive an LED that will light up with a trigger pull.
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  2. Jesster

    Jesster Member

    I'm interested.

    This would be cool! ;)
  3. PreD

    PreD New Member

    Count me in.
  4. XyyyrBlack

    XyyyrBlack New Member

    sounds interesting!
  5. Cplnobbie

    Cplnobbie New Member

    Very interesting
  6. Rupidupe

    Rupidupe Member

    Interested for sure, but I'd have to see a finished product....
  7. remo032

    remo032 New Member

    I completely understand. I don't like buying anything without seeing it first either.
  8. DarthBrooks

    DarthBrooks New Member

    Hello, I'm brand new! Literally my 1st post ever... I joined this forum because the force (Google) guided me to full Metal Westar 34 Blasters! This forum keeps popping up again and again. Though I've never been on here before I have been a Star Wars collector for a long time. Mostly Lightsabers but ever since MR made Westars back in 03 I've wanted them real bad! I'm very interested in seeing where this goes and would very much appreciate updates. I've thought about jumping up huge in price for some used MR's on ebay but I like the idea of custom FULL METAL better anyway. So hello to everyone and hope this goes through to fruition
  9. remo032

    remo032 New Member

    Welcome to the TDH. I just updated the first post in this thread and it looks like this project is moving forwards.
  10. DarthBrooks

    DarthBrooks New Member

    Excellent! Keep me posted on progress and cost
  11. tubachris85x

    tubachris85x Well-Known Member

    I'm possibly interested. So you're also making the grips in metal as well?
  12. remo032

    remo032 New Member

    Yes. Grips will be made of solid billet aluminum. The counter weight will be made of one piece with threaded holes in the bottom for the Allen head screws (still a separate part from the grip). Trigger will also be solid billet aluminum.
  13. DarthBrooks

    DarthBrooks New Member

    Just wondering if there's been any news on this project? I did get a "tad" impatient and bought a set of MR's which are beautiful and wonderful and the prize of my collection. But we all know once a serious Star Wars collection has begun there is no end in sight! I must have FULL METAL Westar 34 BLASTERS as well.

    Question? Will these be hollow enough in the barrels to maybe add a sound board and an LED to make these babies make light and sound????

    I'm new but still in for these!
  14. remo032

    remo032 New Member

    Production still has not started. Things kinda stalled out for a little while due to some mechanical issues with their CNC machine. If all goes well they are planning on starting sometime within the next 3 months.
    As far as the sound board question goes it will be sold as a kit so you can make whatever modifications you need to fit a sound board. The outer barrel (silver) will be hollow however the brass part that fits inside the barrel will be solid but can be replaced with a hollow brass tube if so desired.
  15. Jesster

    Jesster Member

    Still interested in these when they become available...
  16. remo032

    remo032 New Member

    He just started working on these the pic is in the first post.
  17. hellbound666

    hellbound666 New Member

    way nice! looking forward to seeing these
  18. DarthBrooks

    DarthBrooks New Member

    I'm back baby! Are there kits or any finished Blasters yet?
  19. remo032

    remo032 New Member

    Sorry not yet, He just finished moving his shop and bought a new CNC machine. so I'm hoping it wont be to much longer.
  20. Jaycepticon

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    Count me in for a pair then.
  21. DarthBrooks

    DarthBrooks New Member

    Ok excellent! I've got a couple projects going on at the moment so a little time is good for me.... thanks for the update.

    Excited for these.

    I'm sure you probably said but the handles unlike the MR versions are metal as well correct?
  22. DarthBrooks

    DarthBrooks New Member

    Never mind.... I had time to reread some posts the grips will be metal PHENOMENAL
  23. remo032

    remo032 New Member

    Production is underway again. Please see the first post for all updates.
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  24. DarthBrooks

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    Excellent, all good things come to those who wait...
  25. pecklez

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    You got any pics finished

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