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Discussion in 'Boba Fett Helmet' started by Gaheris, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Gaheris

    Gaheris New Member

    Hey guys,

    So i started my scratch build last week and have got to the filler / fibreglass point. Turns out my brother's best mate has a large 3D Printer so i was wondering what the thoughts are on 3D printed helmets and parts and are they sturdy / durable?

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    VIARPE Jr Member

    depends on the printer quality. For some small pieces it won't be perfect but still fair enough and even better than a cardboard build. You will have to sand and bondo too with most printers though.
    It will work like charm for the biggest pieces imo.
  3. Grimstuff

    Grimstuff Member

    Can take a while and use a lot of filament, Also annoying if the print messes up near the end.

    But yeah, if you have one, use it. Nothing beats them for rapidly prototyping an object that you can hand-finish later. It's pretty much just skipping the template construction steps and going directly to the sanding and finishing.
  4. Demmoc

    Demmoc Jr Member

    So far I have not found a good one to even print unless you want to spend a little money on the files. I have tried several from different sites and so far none have impressed me yet and I've waited A LOT of filament.
    The plus side would be weight though. My scratch built helmet weighs a bit but the 3D printed ones I have weigh nothing.
    For the record, if anyone has a good helmet file I can have to print, get with me!!
  5. ThisIsRanta

    ThisIsRanta New Member

    I am working on a print, will update when i get back from vacation.

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