Gauging interest in Hero Panel #2 LED kits with power supply.

Discussion in 'Han Solo in Carbonite' started by Warpcell, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. Warpcell

    Warpcell Member

    1 more kit left on this run.

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  2. Warpcell

    Warpcell Member

    Sold the last one on this run.

    I had a lot of inquiries about future runs so I'm going to order more supplies and do another 8 kits. If you want in on this run, just PM me and I'll get you in the list. I've decided to keep building them due to the tremendous feedback from the HIC community and as long as I can still source the right LEDs.

    Thank you all for your tremendous support!

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  3. Warpcell

    Warpcell Member

    Just got enough parts to complete another run of 4 units if anyone wants one!
  4. Warpcell

    Warpcell Member

    2 of the 4 are sold. FYI for anyone else interested!
  5. Warpcell

    Warpcell Member

    Update: All of this run are now sold! If you are interested in one, PM me for a place on the next run which probably won't be for at least a month or two.

    Thank you all for your support!

    Warpcell (Douglas)
  6. mandingalow

    mandingalow New Member

    Let's keep this alive for warpcell
    The hero panel #2 lighting kit
    is truly legit guys ....
    Will be posting pics of it soon
    as proof ......

    Thanks warpcell! !!***

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  7. Warpcell

    Warpcell Member

    Thanks Mandingalow! I may be back in production after the holidays. Can't wait to see your pics!

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  8. Warpcell

    Warpcell Member

    Greetings everyone! I'm back and will have two Hero Panel #2 light kits ready to ship by next weekend. If you are interested in grabbing one, please PM me. These kit runs will be ongoing.



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  9. Warpcell

    Warpcell Member

    Back in business finally. Sold 3 within 30 minutes. lol

    More on the way.

    Sale thread is in the cargo hold.

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  10. Warpcell

    Warpcell Member

    Sold out. Another batch will be started soon!

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  11. Warpcell

    Warpcell Member

    I have one ready to ship if anyone wants it. 4 more in production soon.

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  12. shoeben82

    shoeben82 New Member

    Hi there, do you have any ready to ship or could i be added to the list?!
    Many thanks!
  13. Warpcell

    Warpcell Member

    PM inbound. I have one ready to go.

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  14. Jobberspence

    Jobberspence New Member

    Warpcell how much are the panel #2 kits going for?

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  15. Warpcell

    Warpcell Member

    Still $120. I'm working on a few more over the weekend. Life has returned to normal and I have time to reignite this thread.

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