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  1. snakezase29
  2. snakezase29
  3. gustavohm
    TD10424, hope to someday build an ESB Fett
  4. Dex
  5. Habu
    Alo-hey everyone.
  6. RedBeard
    RedBeard Stormrider
    are you doing anymore HIC runs?
  7. texasbhoy
    I am working on a Supertrooper build. I already have built a Mandalorian Merc approved custom mando.
  8. Bounty1138
  9. Skyfire
    Skyfire DanzoFett
    Danzo I will buy Cloathears vest. Shipping will be to the USA.

  10. Nacho Barrero
    Nacho Barrero toolguy301
    Hello Toolguy. Im from Spain and want to get a Boushh custome frontal Clothears. Ive seen your electrostaff and Im quite interested in buying you one of your incredible kits. Can you please inform me about price, terms and conditions?

    Thanks dude.
  11. Muni
    I'm searching for make a Rav Bralor (Vhonte Tervho) mandalorian costume for legion501 approval.
  12. BayBounty
    BayBounty Wasted Fett
    Hey, how's it going man
  13. Tint Shoppe
    Tint Shoppe
    Tint Shoppe has been in business for over 13 years, we specialize in the professional installation of high-quality home & car window tint.
  14. BayBounty
    BayBounty eagc
    How's it going?
  15. BayBounty
    BayBounty Arkady
    Hi Arkady, can I please have some info regarding ordering parts from you? Thanks
  16. Wasted Fett
    Wasted Fett
    Ok guys I’m moving so all orders after today will be on the back burner until I finish packing / unpacking.
  17. BayBounty
    BayBounty Major
    Interested in the super trooper, do you have pictures?
  18. DacaFett
    Put captain solo in the cargo hold
  19. CoachNIN
    Im a TK now, but I look forward to someday putting together my very own Bounty Hunter. I can dream can't I?
  20. LaKkenFETT
    LaKkenFETT woodman
    Hello Sir, could I please order a set of ESB horse hair Wookiee braids please. Cheers!
  21. Its0scar
    You can run, but you'll just die tired
  22. Leon Fett
    Leon Fett
    Getting prepared for my first build. ESB or ROTJ?
  23. Cruzer
    Hi guys. Sorry I missed these posts but if you send me a personal message, I can get you the info you’d like.
  24. Jangomo
    Jangomo Dark Side
    Do you still offer jango gauntlet rockets and darts? If so, what is cost and lead time? Thanks, tim
  25. David
    David DW Design
    Hello, I see that you built some cosplays of clone trooper? I'm a big fan of trooper of STAR WARS. Can I buy one of them ? I'm french, I live in Paris and I havent't the place and the experience to do my own cosplay, so is it possible to buy one ?
    Thank you