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  1. zahnism
    zahnism WhiteShadow
    Hello there. I would love to buy a Version2 foam + dome and Premium magnetic setup from you.
    How much to ship to Denmark?
  2. Kurtblueski01
    Kurtblueski01 Arkady

    I am interested in a ROTJ Flight suit / neck seal / flak vest / ankle spats and belt pockets. I am in Australia and was wondering if you could please send me some information if possible. Thank you
  3. Untytled209
    Does any one make a cad bane mask any more?
  4. BrettBorders
    My Boba Fett outfit is finally together after 20 years in the making...
  5. FigueFett
    FigueFett WhiteShadow
    Hello there! I bought a Large assassin style helmet for my mando, and would love to have your V2 foam interiors on it, PM me for Paypal info, ready to buy!
  6. Stevie
    Stevie woodman
    Inquiring about a rotj girth belt please
  7. crackerbasket
    ROTJ Fett armor done! On to the expensive stuff!
  8. balearicpr
    balearicpr bojaGun
    hi, do you have a pair of number 15 dental files?
    how much shipped to spain?
    and the "ESB EE3 barrel mounts" are accurate or not?

  9. bigaban
    bigaban woodman
    greetings, i wanna know that do you still have esb girth belts and ammo belts.?and the price. thanks!!!!!!!
  10. Fenrisulfr
    Fenrisulfr superjedi
    Hi this is Bob Metcalf from Bar Louie’s regarding the ESB Boba Helmet paint commisssion and adding to your wait list. Thank you
  11. Rtreuhaft
    Rtreuhaft full metal fett
    Hello. Do you still offer the aluminum rangefinder stalks?
  12. Rtreuhaft
    Rtreuhaft animefan
    Hello, I’m interested in a Jango Fett Helmet kit. Could you send me prices please? Thanks so much
  13. Gionny
    Hello there
  14. GenMando11
    Pre Vizsla wip
  15. Grizff18
    Grizff18 Arkady
    Hey Carole!
    I hear your the one to talk to about a suit? I’m looking for a suit, neck seal and vest.... for Boba Fett special edition. It’s the light grey. I can email you pictures etc. I don’t have Facebook or Instagram. Email work? Thanks ahead of time.
  16. shteymetal247
    shteymetal247 Major
    Looking to order back armor if you’ll be doing any of RKD’s molds. I ordered my neck armor from him a couple years ago and want to support the family in any way I can. I ordered gauntlet darts from Will last year before he passed and I had no idea at the time what he was going through. He was always nice to me and supported me when I was a rookie to this hobby.
  17. NightBreaker
    Greetings, does anyone know an inexpensive route to making an authentic set of mando armour
  18. spider1069
    Working on Completion of my ROTJ Fett
  19. Dark Steve
    Dark Steve syllander
    Is your flight suite still available ??? Very intrested !!
  20. Kennethmterry
    Kennethmterry WhiteShadow
    In addition to my previous message. Do you have different color options for the foam?
  21. Kennethmterry
    Kennethmterry WhiteShadow
    Hey man,
    I am extremely interested in you foam inserts for a Mando helmet. I have a NME Death Stalker. Will it fit? Let me know. I ready to pull the trigger
  22. Dark Steve
    Dark Steve syllander
    How much for the ESB flight suite vest & other soft parts you have listed ? I live in Ohio 44004
  23. jawafive
    jawafive syllander
    is the ESB jumpsuit still available? my email is wouldn't mind chatting about it.
  24. Zom0898
    Still hunting greeblies!
  25. Dark Steve
    Dark Steve Arkady
    Hi Arkady I'm interested in a ESB Boba Fett flight suite & soft parts for a new build. Are you taking orders now?