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  1. Candari
    Candari SEEKER
    Hello, I was looking at doing a Rebels Bo Katan build, would you be the person to talk to about the belts and pouches?
  2. CanaFett
    First build. I might be in over my head! Lol
  3. Delta
    Delta Art Andrews
    Art, I was trying to post a few items I have that I will not be using and couldn't, I not new time wise but I guess I haven't hit a certain number of posts? Is there anyway to be able to do this without posting that many times? Thanks for your help I'm in the military and getting ready to move and needed to clean out some gear I'm not going to use.
    Delta (John)
  4. BillyRose
    Looking to buy ESB girth belt
  5. Juan Solo
    Juan Solo Major
    Greetings Major! Darth Voorhees kindly referred me to you. I am wondering if you continue to produce the Boba Fett ESB flame thrower attachment with clear tip? If so, will you please message me with purchase details? Thank you for your time sir! Respectfully, Juan.
  6. Juan Solo
    Juan Solo
    Put Juan Solo in the Conga room.... boom chicky boom boom chicky boom boom chicky boom!
  7. Juan Solo
    Juan Solo redkraytdragon
    Greetings! Your fine reputation precedes you sir!

    I am wondering if you still take commission on the complete ESB flamethrower attachment with clear tip?

    If so, will you please message me with details?

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
  8. Dain117
  9. Herb
    Herb WhiteShadow
    Hi, I see your helmet liner kit and I wanted to know if you still keep for sale, great job.
    I building my ROTJ Boba Fett.
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    2. WhiteShadow
      Pm sent
      Dec 26, 2018
  10. Herb
    Building my ROTJ Boba Fett
  11. Gionny
    Gionny woodman
    Whats your price for a new Return of the Jedi girth belt?
    METALLBOY r3klus
    Do you still need jetpack
  13. Clayton Mayo
    Clayton Mayo WhiteShadow
    Hi I would like to order helmet liner kit version 2 with dome please!
  14. RexFett
    RexFett Wasted Fett
    Hey brotha, I'm in need of a RF topper with the tilt switch light unit, and JB sent me your way. Do you some have available?
  15. Aseta
    Aseta itrooper
    Hi. I've just messaged you on a post re:your Boba Fett Helmet.
  16. Brokk
    Take cover, take aim, take over
  17. danshop1968
    danshop1968 Arkady
    Good day dear friend and help.
    I am trying to buy a blue flight suit for my wife and I was refer to you.
    What will you need from me and how much?
    Thank Dan
  18. full metal fett
    full metal fett Durango
    Are you still looking for a rangefinder stalk?
  19. full metal fett
    full metal fett Davis9867
    What thickness and style rangefinder stalk are you interested in?
    1. Davis9867
      I will get back to you in a few days on the thinkness but I would need the flat top style.
      Nov 19, 2018
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  20. Swiftcloud
    Swiftcloud WhiteShadow
    Ok, I think I’m ready to order a helmet liner kit!
    Could you please send me cost plus shipping for a V2 with dome to Danielson, CT 06239
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    2. WhiteShadow
      Pm sent
      Nov 16, 2018
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  21. DStep
    DStep Wasted Fett
    Sorry, I'm having errors with the PM.

    Here’s my info:
    -D’Angelo Stepanoff
    -11600 NE 41st avenue, Vancouver, WA 98686
    -TDH Screen Name: DStep
    -Products being ordered: ROTJ FPH2 helmet kit with Coldcast ear pieces
  22. siman
    siman Stormrider
    Hi Id like one of you fabulous HIC fronts
  23. Jeff Vargas
  24. Jeff Vargas
  25. FIGJAM
    FIGJAM animefan
    Hello, need jango armor kit. possibly helmet. are you still making these? if so what is the time and cost? thanks