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  1. RingoFett
    RingoFett Cruzer
    Hello I need the hose
  2. Bucco Fett
    Bucco Fett
    looking for a cheap set of armor for my NFL Bucs Mando...Doesnt need to be painted I will do that
  3. Bucco Fett
    Bucco Fett
    looking for a cheap set of armor for my NFL Bucs Mando...Doesnt need to be painted I will do that
  4. Cernunnos
  5. Dennis
    Dennis JDFett
    Hello are you still selling the Zam 15 piece Greeble set? Thank you
  6. GalaxyFarAway
    GalaxyFarAway Wasted Fett
    Hello, I would like to order the ROTJ helmet kit and will pay the additional cost for the cold cast ear pieces.

    TDH name: GalaxyFarAway
    Email: salemma

    Thanks. Bob
  7. acobian
    we out here
  8. StefanTheMerc
    You are not good to me dead
  9. Xfactor
    On a hunt
  10. elwyn5150
    elwyn5150 bojaGun

    May I buy some dental files and have them shipped to Australia?
    Which ones do I need for a ROTJ Boba?
  11. chris2fett
    chris2fett Lucksy31
    Just ordered a set of ESB variegated color kill stripes and ear decals 9/2/2018. Let me know when they ship. Thanks!
  12. T0R1C
    T0R1C Cruzer
    Hey Cruzer!
    Looking for a good Jango helmet. What’s the price tag?

    Thank you,
  13. Rogermaximus
    Rogermaximus full metal fett
    Sent payment for some clips and stuff thanks
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    2. full metal fett
      full metal fett
      On its way soon
      Aug 28, 2018
  14. videoflixx
    Masking Madness
  15. Huttman
    Huttman Cruzer
    I was told to give you a hollar to see if you know of any extra crow boots. He hasnt answered my emails for 3 weeks and am considering disputing the charges for a refund. I appreciate any assistance you have. I wear size 9 US
  16. SarlaccSlayer14
    Me :1... Sarlacc: 0
  17. T0R1C
    T0R1C bigkidbiggertoys
    Hey there. Are you still building Jango holsters and cod pieces? If so how much do you charge? I’m interested. My email is Thanks!
  18. Tatooinetako
    Tatooinetako animefan
    Do you have any rangefider kits for sale?
  19. whistle8mp
    whistle8mp mandalore697
    I was interested in your ROTJ armor, is it still available?
  20. Chewie
    Chewie SEEKER
    Hey seeker I was wondering if you were still doing up the jango style harnesses?
  21. TK50175
    TK50175 opi
    Hi Alex, Marc hier! :-)
  22. DiRty37
    DiRty37 WhiteShadow
    Hello, new member here. Been lurking around the site for the past few weeks and stumbled upon your liners. I just signed up to hopefully get in on a complete set of the Version 2. Well also to peruse the site and communicate with all that is Fett. Are they still available?

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    2. WhiteShadow
      PM Sent
      Aug 8, 2018
  23. slavedriver
    slavedriver woodman
    Emergency need help with ESB girth belt please help Woodman I have your ammo belt and horse hair braids and I really need the same quality girth belt from you if possible.
  24. Wasted Fett
    Wasted Fett
    Currently taking new orders.
  25. Baba Fett
    Baba Fett Arkady
    Hello about the esb set I pm’d you hope to hear from you soon! :)